Gift Card ~ It's The LAW! FULLY Customized Edition

Gift Card ~ It's The LAW! FULLY Customized Edition

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A unique personalized gift idea for your family and friends, or clients and corporate team members. Artovereverythinggames will personalize Game Box and Scales of Justice cards with your own "family law firm name ", corporate logo or company name. These are one-of-a-kind single print games that make for a great corporate or family gifting idea.

Crazy laws from bygone eras that are still in affect and some that are totally made-up. Can you tell the difference?

It's the LAW! is a game where you get to play litigator and jury member.

How well can you convince the jury of the truth or fool them with a lie?

3 to 6 player/ ages 18+ (some adult content)

At Artovereverythinggames we are a customized/personalized family and corporate board game gifting specialist. Customized game may take 8 to 10 weeks for delivery. 

Please contact us pre-purchase for discount information regarding purchasing 6 or more units.

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